Letters of Independence ‘Calligraffiti’

Calligraffiti show

Tonight is opening night for Neils “Shoe” Meulman at the Salamatina Gallery in Long Island. A show that would typically be debuted in the inner circle of boroughs (namely Manhattan) is giving the small town of Manhasset some culture from across the pond. Originally hailing from Amsterdam, Shoe quickly gained a rep for his highly prolific graff style back in the early 80s and earned his place in the upper echelon of international graffiti legends by appearing in Henry Chalfant’s highly influential book Spraycan Art. His fluid lettering style has now transferred from the wall on to canvases – that have matured into the art form known as Calligraffiti.

His style revisits the classical brush strokes of old, getting his influences from Arabic pictorial script, medieval script, and Japanese brush characters. Shoe’s musings of classical writing styles is a pretext of modern day graffiti. The many adornments that graff writers grace their letters with is a renaissance of old world styles (arrows, crowns and symbols.) What Shoe aims to do is  combine the various epochs of style in a synthesis of form and function as a dedication to the art of writing. His inaugural visit to New York is the first stop on the Calligraffiti tour and will be host to his live reworking of the Declaration of Independence.

During his opening-night performance, Shoe will literally rewrite the 1776 Declaration of Independence on site at the Salamatina Gallery. His Re-Declaration, which will take place over several days, will highlight all 1,337 of the historic words, resulting in 262 U.S. letter-sized pieces, executed in ink on paper. Showcasing the artistʼs fluid and hypnotic style, these “Letters” will remain on view and for sale until July 27.

2032 Northern Boulevard
Manhasset, New York 11030
T: +1 (516) 439-4471

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~ by jukeism on July 1, 2010.

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