Rammellzee – Rest In ‘Piece’

It is always disheartening to hear of a cultural icon passing away, especially when they have left this realm all too soon. At the young age of 49, the futuristic B-Boy known as Rammellzee will walk this earth no more. His ailing body could no longer contain the dynamic spirit that resided within. He was the true embodiment of Hip-Hop; holding a crown for getting down in 3 of the elements (MCing, Graffiti, and DJing.) This cat was so real with his style that he often spoke his peace in his own brand of speak, and would adorn many of his creations as an outward projection of his style known as Gothic Futurism. A true rebel whose cause was opening our eyes to society’s destruction, only to be rebuilt in his own form of iconoclastic creations.

My first glimpse of Ramm was in the movie Style Wars where he took center stage spittin’ the illest freestyle while wielding a sawed-off shotgun – all trenched down.  I never knew how much of an impact he had on the early stages of New York graffiti until I saw Dondi’s segment in the Style Wars documentary. For Dondi to have collaborated with Ramm, let alone speak of his philosophy on letters with a reverence for Rammellzee’s art – speaks volumes for itself. He will also be remembered for his collaborations with Jean-Michel Basquiat in the making of his track Beat Bop, by giving the 12′ single his signature flair.

I hope this will be the last I have to hear of my heroes passing that have paved the way for the graff writers of today.

Rest In ‘Piece’: Iz the Wiz, Dare, Beno, Dondi, Sk8, Dream, Shy147, and Rammellzee…

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~ by jukeism on July 1, 2010.

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