Blubber Colors Spray Paint

It is safe to say that this whole graffiti thing has gone full blown with various cottage industries cropping up all over the globe catering to regional artists. Although these products are readily available with the advent of the internet, they are primarily designed for their local niches in mind. The product in question I’m referring to is spray paint and all of the brands that have cropped up within this past millenia: Belton-Germany, Ironlak-Austrailia, Sabotaz 80-Russia, and Beat-Italy. What this means for the North American graffiti artist is a wider range of products to choose from, but an expensive habit to maintain; most of these are over the counter and un-rackable, not that I would ever advocate theft ;}.

But now there is a domestic alternative to expensive art enthusiast driven imports, the Blubber spray paint company! Not that they are entirely new to the game, but something that I have recently discovered. Having originated back in 2004, they strive to bring awareness by the formulation of art parks and eco-friendly products. The name comes from its originator – graff artist Aero who is originally from Hawaii and obviously has some affinity for whales. The color line is very limited, like in the high teens compared to MTN Colors or Beat whose paint range is in the low hundreds.

I do have to applaud their efforts though in bringing graffiti back home in terms of spray paint for North American artists, but it seems like they have an uphill battle ahead of them in terms of  competing with other brands,  marketing (virtually non-existent) and selection. In the upcoming North American tour of Meeting Of Styles, Blubber Colors is a featured sponsor in which writers can experience the can control first hand and will help expose the company to their target audience of graff writers.

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~ by jukeism on July 13, 2010.

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