Refillable Spray Can

Have my un-prayed prayers been finally answered? Am I now the master of my own painting from paint design to piecing? Well the fine people at Yanko Design surely think so. Operating off of the CMYK color scheme, you would be able to dial a color of your choosing and apply it to whatever surface through this refillable canister. The benefits of this product are two fold: save yourself and the environment from contributing to the costly and hazardous disposal of unused cans, plus you’re saving a bundle in buying cans for a painting.

This design is called “Color Dial Spray.” Designed for the eco-friendly writer who wishes to take spray painting to the next level in conscience piecing . And in the in the infamous words of the former mayor of New York, Mayor Koch – ” to make your mark in society, rather than on society,” is what this invention aims to do.

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~ by jukeism on July 19, 2010.

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