Muralia – Spain

I think there is a direct link between writers and the paint they use that gives them the ability to create very surreal works of art. Ever since paint manufacturers have formulated spray cans that give the writer more control over their pieces, the work produced are more clean, detailed and more vibrant than ever before. This production in Spain sponsored by MTN Colors certainly proves my point. This series of murals brought together a couple of artist from England (Aroe, Roid), France (Ogre, Pablo, Mutha)  and some home grown talent from Spain (Belin, Besdo, Tretze, Frik, Rage).

The style of writing hasn’t changed that much from 20 years ago: still need a character, a dope wildstyle piece and a tight background to make it all gel together. The letters themselves aren’t any more technical that the ones produced by the FBA crew from New York back in the 80s, or backgrounds any more elaborate than the ones created by Vulcan from the same era. L.A.’s Hex TGO was a master of them all back in the day and that was using the industry standards Krylon and Rusto.

The complex valve system in these cans that are being produced from graff writer based paint companies are like a god send to artists that wish to do more complex and detailed work. I would love to see what Hex TGO could do with a MTN or Belton can if he was still in the game and not a born again Christian. I could only see this as the beginning for graff writers the world over to up the ante in terms of competition and style with more pieces like these being produced on the regular.


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~ by jukeism on July 20, 2010.

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