Pimp MY Bitch…Seriously?

The French are at it again; forever pushing the boundaries of art with no genre or body being excluded.  “But how to do body painting while remaining true to our roots?” asks this new book by graff artists Sore & Keag. Their answer – Guerrilla body painting! They contend that painting a body in your room is to easy, so why not do it along side a moving train? A cacophony of expression that is more live than the naked-ness hanging out on the third-rail.

Wow, Paris is surely burning, with these two guys documenting their special type of porno-graff in 80 pages of straight up heat. You gotta imagine the type of compulsion the people involved feel to go that hard, and what role do these chicks play (girlfriends, prostitutes, art lovers – all the above?) I really couldn’t say for sure, but I am compelled myself to find out. Limited edition run of about 500 copies in French no doubt, so get em’ before they’re gone…

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~ by jukeism on July 20, 2010.

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